Kendall Service Award Winners

Kendall Award WinnersThe Universities at Shady Grove (USG) honored three Kendall Service Award winners on April 3, 2015. USG Board of Advisors member Cliff Kendall, and his wife Camille, generously established three annual awards that recognize faculty and staff who have performed exceptionally in supporting student success at USG. The three Kendall awards are: Excellence in Teaching, Program Director of the Year, and Outstanding Service to Students.

Nominations for the awards were submitted by students, faculty, staff and graduates of programs offered at USG.  The Kendall Service Award Selection Committee, which consists of faculty and staff members, previous award winners, a student representative, and a member of the USG Board of Advisors, reviewed and selected the winners.

The 2015 Kendall Service Awards Winners are:

Excellence in Teaching: Dr. Evelyn Lyles, Bowie State UniversityEvelyn Lyles

For over 10 years, Evelyn has been an adjunct professor of graduate level courses in psychology and counseling at Bowie State University at USG. Evelyn graduated from Bowie State University with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and went on to earn her Ph.D. in Psychology and Counseling from Indiana University. In addition to being an adjunct professor, Evelyn is also a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist and Program Evaluator at the Community Services Agency. She has spent more than 14 years in healthcare services helping the mentally ill and their families.

Evelyn was nominated by a team of students stating, “Dr. Lyles has touched the lives of countless students, in and outside of the classroom. She exudes enthusiasm and passion for teaching and preparing students for the future. Evelyn’s dedication to her students and to her community is what USG represents.” One student said that “Evelyn is a great teacher and counselor. She is helping me to develop my career and stay on my path.”

Colleague’s comments include, “Evelyn is an established professional and a proven visionary. She possesses a unique sense of innovation and resourcefulness combined with
integrity and expertise in devising original solutions to complex problems.”

In conjunction with her professional career, Evelyn is also an accomplished vocalist who has participated in copious musical endeavors and continues to be an aspiring singer and song writer.

Program Director of the Year: Valerie S. Sharpe, Program Director, Towson University, Elementary Education/Special Education ProgramVal Sharpe

Val is the Program Director and full-time faculty member for the Elementary Education and Special Education Program at Towson University at USG. In her five years at USG, Val has become well-known as being a dedicated leader who goes above and beyond to support her students academically, emotionally, and professionally.

As the program director, she arranges all of the internship placements and serves as the liaison at seven different schools around the county. She is an advisor for the student Council for Exceptional Children at USG and brings students to the CEC convention every year, including this year where she will be a presenter.

Some comments from her colleagues include: “Val exposes her students to new concepts and ideas, including piloting her senior seminar class in the new Active Learning Classroom.” “Her high expectations mean her students reach beyond what they may think is possible and result in them becoming the best teachers they can be.”

Every day she serves her students, the program, Towson University and USG in an exemplary fashion, with her palpable love of teaching children, professional connections, positive and caring attitude and warm smile.

Outstanding Service to Students: Chelsea S. Moyer, Program Coordinator, University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyChelsea Moyer

Chelsea is the Program Coordinator responsible for the marketing and recruitment efforts for UMBC at USG. She is the first person you meet as a prospective student interested in the undergraduate programs UMBC offers at USG. Her resourcefulness and creativity led to the creation of True Grit Night – an innovative evening that was designed to attract and engage prospective students. Chelsea also established the UMBC-USG Peer Advisory Team – known as PAT. She leads the PAT students in an extensive leadership development program.

A colleague stated, “Chelsea sees leadership and potential in those who wouldn’t see it in themselves. Not only is she a valuable recruiter, coordinator, and advocate for our programs, she is also a wonderful friend, who truly cares about the students, faculty and staff at USG.” And some student comments include, “She is a motivator and supporter. I have never met someone like her, without her help, I would not be where I am today.” “She is very passionate and enthusiastic about her job; you can tell she really loves what she does.”

Chelsea is not only a staff member here but also a student earning her Master of Social Work degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore at USG. Chelsea’s passion and unwavering commitment to the students is beyond admirable. We can all learn from her embodiment of what the True Grit spirit represents.

Photos of the event are available here. To learn more about how to contribute to scholarship funds at the Universities at Shady Grove, click here.

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