Guest Post: Dr. Stewart Edelstein, Executive Director

Dr. Stewart Edelstein, Executive Director

Dr. Stewart Edelstein, Executive Director

Over the Labor Day weekend, I read a lot about the value of work. One commentator in Sunday’s New York Times, Arthur Brooks, hit it home for me. He said that all work should be seen as being in the service of others. He wrote: “In our connected world . . . our work transforms the lives of countless others . . . everyone, in every industry affects the lives of co-workers, supervisors, customers, supplies, donors and investors.”

So how did a music major, qua composer, who wanted to be a brain chemist, get to become the Executive Director at The Universities at Shady Grove (USG)—one of the most interesting and exciting jobs in Montgomery County, Maryland? Well, I never made it through chemistry, probably a lucky thing for me and the world of chemistry!

I, and all of our staff at USG, and the faculty and staff from our nine partner universities who work at the campus, welcome our students to the start of the Fall 2015 semester. It is our collective job to prepare these students for the world of work and service. We are the fortunate ones who have been given this responsibility and opportunity to make a difference in their lives and in the greater community.  It’s all about intentionality and perspective! What a privilege it is to contribute to and affect the lives of so many for the greater good!

What better way to start the semester, and my inaugural blog post, than with the unveiling of our Welcome Video! This year’s Welcome Video truly embraces the vitality of the students, faculty and staff here. Please take a moment to enjoy our Welcome Video.

I look forward to writing more blog posts and sharing my thoughts about USG and its importance in your life and in the life our community. For all students at USG, I wish you a successful and transformational year!

Dr. Stewart Edelstein posing with students

Dr. Stewart Edelstein posing with students, one from each of USG’s nine partner universities.

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