Guest Post: Toni Negro, Business & Education Librarian

Have you visited the COL-LAB? The COL-LAB is a new COL-LABorative space in the Priddy Library where students, faculty, staff can have student club meetings, faculty or student led discussions, engage in debates, work on projects and share ideas. Groups who want to work together can reserve the Col-Lab at the Service Desk for a 3-hour time period with a USG ID. Looking to collaborate? Come to the COL-LAB!


Workshops and training sessions can also be scheduled such as the Workshop Series currently sponsored by the library which include Arc/GIS and Story Maps, Infographics, Research Posters and the One-Button-Studio. Attend one of the workshops that are scheduled through November. No pre-registration. Just drop in. See the Workshops schedule for times and dates.

The big screen monitor in the COL-LAB is equipped with Oalla, an interactive touch display, with Apps that allow texting your opinions, interact with a website and present digital posters. The Oalla monitor displays activities going on in the library such as workshops, photography exhibits and currently a presentation about Banned Books from the American Library Association. Is one of your favorites reads on the list? The monitor will also display what is on your laptop by using a VGA cable.

Catch up with the newest leading-edge technology in the Priddy Library. There is the One-Button-Studio to make personalized videos for class presentations, design demonstrations, practice interviews or get peer feedback. It is also great for recording lectures. All you need is a flash drive.

One-Button-Studio-2For whiteboard users, the library has Equil Smartmarkers. The smartmarker captures notes and text as JPEG or PDF files to upload online and share with others. It live streams the session in real-time.

SmartmarkerStudents, faculty, and staff who want to collaborate on a document, project or paper can use the MediaScape. Laptops, tablets and smartphones can connect simultaneously and with a click of a “puck” switch between users to share notes, media and websites. The MediaScape is portable and can be used anywhere in the library, including a group study room. A variety of cables are available to allow connection of different devices.

The Bookeye is the super scanner that can scan any item up to 25” x 16” and save it on a flash drive as well as send it as a PDF, JPG, or PNG attachment to any email. This includes books, maps, documents, pages, chapters, or images.

Don’t forget about the libraries iPads! All iPads are available for individual or class loan. The iPads now include new keyboard cases that make the iPad easier and faster to use.

ipad pictureThese are just some of the many leading-edge technologies that the Priddy Library has to offer students, faculty, and staff. We are here to assist you in learning how to use these technologies and help you in creating successful projects.

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