Harvey-Danner Family Awards $85,500 for ACES Scholarships to USG and MC


The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) and Montgomery College (MC) have been awarded a $85,500 scholarship fund from the Harvey-Danner Family to support students in the Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success (ACES) program.

Through a collaboration between Montgomery County Public Schools, Montgomery College, and the Universities at Shady Grove, ACES creates a smooth educational pathway from high school to community college to university using a one-on-one mentoring approach for students often unrepresented in higher education. The ACES program currently serves more than 1,800 high school and college students.

The Universities at Shady Grove will receive a total of $56,000 and Montgomery College will receive a total of $29,500 over five years. These scholarships will be awarded to full-time students in the ACES program who meet certain criteria, and the recipients will continue to receive this award throughout their studies at Montgomery College and the Universities at Shady Grove.

Patricia Harvey commented, “I am very pleased I am able to help support students on their path to earning a bachelor’s degree through the ACES program. I look forward to getting to know them and working with them.”

“We appreciate the support of Patricia Harvey and her family. Through her generosity, ACES students will have the opportunity to stay in school and complete their bachelor’s degree,” said Stewart Edelstein, Executive Director of the Universities at Shady Grove.

“We are so grateful to Patricia Harvey for this generous gift which will have a profound impact on the lives of our students for years to come,” said Dr. DeRionne P. Pollard, President of Montgomery College.


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