Suite News: February is Financial Aid Awareness Month!


Taz Vargas

As the Financial Aid and Scholarship Specialist at USG, my goal is to help students make the best choice when it comes to funding their education. With State and institution deadlines right around the corner, I want students to have access to all of their available resources. During the month of February, students have the opportunity to get assistance with completing their FAFSA, attend workshops, and learn about the financial assistance options that will work best for them!

vision-boardOn February 23rd, I will be hosting a Financial Vision Board Workshop. What does a vision board have anything to do with financial aid awareness? Well, a lot! From speaking with students, I have learned that the thought of student loans after graduation can be extremely daunting. While planning workshops for Financial Aid Awareness Month, I want to incorporate workshops that will benefit students long after graduation. I think that creating vision boards can be an innovative way to get students thinking about their financial goals well before they finish school. Plus, it’s fun and easy!

The main benefit of setting these goals is to motivate students to set priorities and keep them on track with overall financial management. In many instances, student loans are the first time individuals are managing debt. I try to encourage students to borrow responsibly and to start thinking about repayment options early so that they can keep their payments affordable and avoid paying extra interest cost. From experience, I know how overwhelming it can be, I want to help alleviate any confusion and prepare students in advance!

I encourage you to attend all of our Financial Aid workshops this month:

Financial Aid Awareness Month Events and Workshops:

Financial Aid Q&ATuesday, February 21st 5:30-6:30pm Building III-2125

Financial Aid Vision Board WorkshopThursday, February 23rd 3:00-4:00pm Building III-2131

Check out #TweetTuesdays! Each week we will cover topics including: Financial Aid, Scholarships, Loan Repayment options and much more! @USGStudentLife


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