Alumni Ambassadors at USG

Pedro Branco

Pedro Branco, Alumni Relations and Community Engagement Coordinator

My name is Pedro Branco and I am the Alumni Relations and Community Engagement Coordinator at USG. I graduated from UMBC at USG in 2017 and am currently enrolled in the UMBC Industrial Organizational Psychology Graduate program. A few months prior to graduating from UMBC at USG, I was wondering what my next step in life would be. Where would I work? How will I be able to sustain myself financially? How was I supposed to succeed in my post-academic career?

As the Alumni Relations and Community Engagement Coordinator, I am able to alleviate some of the stress that comes with life-after-graduation. I have the ability to collaborate with our nine university partners to provide resources and support to alumni as they navigate their professional lives and aspirations.

So…What is an Alumni Ambassador at USG?

Having attended your program on the USG campus, I understand that you had a unique college experience. Through excitement of recent alumni eager to stay connected both to their alma mater and to the campus they’ve come to know and love, the Alumni Ambassadors at USG was born. It has become our goal to keep alumni of our nine partner universities engaged through regional alumni events, professional development initiatives and to broaden your professional network through various networking opportunities.

As you move forward into your career, we hope that you will remember your time at USG and be inspired to make a difference in the lives of future students. As alumni of one of our nine partner universities, here’s how you can remain a part of the community long after graduation:

Volunteer to mentor a student

Your experience as a graduate of a program at USG is invaluable for future students at USG. By mentoring a student, you will be able to offer insight and knowledge of your time at USG and as a graduate of your respective program.

Attend USG community and partner institutions alumni events

As we develop new programming and events tailored to your experience at USG, we hope that you will be able to come back to campus and local venues to network and meet like-minded alumni.

Be considered for USG and partner institutions program speaking engagements

As you move forward in your professional career, we hope that you consider assisting USG and your respective institution by speaking or presenting on a topic of choice to current students/alumni at USG or your home institution.

Utilize on-campus career services

You are still eligible to utilize on-campus resources, such as: career services, our Center for Academic Success, library and most of the facilities at USG. Whether you need help writing your resume, having a fresh pair of eyes look at your cover letter, or searching for job/internship opportunities, USG is here to help you succeed!

As we expand our communication efforts, we ask that you follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated on all the exciting things happening at USG. Sign-up to become an Alumni Ambassador at USG: Welcome to the Community!

For more information on how to stay connected to USG, please contact:

Pedro Branco
(301) 738-6128

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