Executive Director’s Welcome Message and Video

Dr. Stewart Edelstein

Dr. Stewart Edelstein

Dear USG Community,

A warm welcome to students, faculty, and staff and especially those new to USG! There’s a remarkable energy here.  It comes from the enthusiasm of our students, the close interaction between students and faculty, and a supportive staff.

We pride ourselves on the full range of academic and student services we offer and the many activities available to enrich a students’ educational experience and assist in their personal and career development.  I encourage all students to participate in the Town Hall meetings of our Student Council and Graduate Student Advisory Council. Your experiences and feedback only make us stronger.

Keep up-to-date with all of the news and activities happening around USG on our website, the USG Mobile phone app, USG Weekly e-newsletter, and on social media. Check out what students are saying by reading the Around the Grove student blog. We also have a news blog, DiscoverUSG, where we feature guest bloggers (faculty, staff and students). If you have an interesting story to share, please let us know. There’s nothing more that I love than hearing from students on our campus.

I hope that you find your experience at USG to be a rewarding and enriching one. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible throughout the semester.

Here’s to a wonderful year!


Stewart Edelstein, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, USM
Executive Director, USG


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