Calling All Education Professionals: Come Spend “An Evening with USG”

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Jennifer Riehl

Hi! I’m Jen, the Senior Recruitment Coordinator with USG’s Center for Recruitment & Transfer Access. My job for the past almost-6 years has been to tell everyone I can about how USG works and the benefits of attending a program here. Early on, I believed “everyone” to mean all prospective students – from middle school through college. And while students are indeed still a bulk of my focus and the audience for most of the events we hold, I’ve also come to learn there’s an equally important group of people with whom I need to share the USG message: the education professions who work with these prospective students.

While I am unlikely to reach every single student at Montgomery College (MC), it IS likely that every MC student will at some point meet with an advisor or have a conversation with a faculty member there. Likewise for Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), Frederick Community College, and so on. So why had we not been holding large-scale recruitment events for THIS audience? It must be incredibly hard for education professionals in these roles to learn everything there is to know about admissions requirements, application deadlines, student life offerings, and more about not just ONE school, but the hundreds of colleges and universities their students are considering attending. Add to that USG’s super unique concept, and I thought, my goodness – let’s find a way to both thank these professionals for helping us do our jobs and also give them the tools they need to be able to best share USG with their students. And thus, An Evening with USG was born.

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An Evening with USG is a brand new event designed specifically for education professionals – ranging from middle school principals to community college counselors, from after-school high school program coaches to our partner university recruiters. It is a chance for these unsung heroes to network with one another and with USG staff and partner university program representatives. The event, being held on Thursday, November 8th, from 6:30-8pm, will include a formal welcome and USG overview, along with a brief presentation by USG’s COO/CFO on the many STEM programs coming to our campus once our new building is complete (projected Fall 2019!). The last hour of the event will provide a chance for attendees to visit information tables for each of the undergraduate majors and the many student services offered at USG, as well as mingle with current students, take a campus tour, and network with one another. As a bonus, some of the graduate degrees offered on the USG campus via our partner universities will also be present in case our guests are not just shopping on behalf of their students but also for themselves! And did I mention the free food?

It feels weird for me to promote an event with the message that it is NOT intended for prospective students, but I am truly excited to instead welcome to campus those helping to guide these same students towards college completion and ideally towards USG. I hope to be able to thank you personally on November 8th!

Learn more and register for An Evening with USG!

Jen's Ambassador

The USG Student Ambassadors can’t wait to share their stories of success with you!

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