USG Day of Service by Kari Mason

Starting off the spring semester in the spirit of service, the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) hosted Day(s) of Service. Allowing employees to participate in volunteerism by giving back to their local community. Creating a culture of volunteerism at USG not only helps our local community, but it strengthens our community here on campus. From January through February, USG employees had the opportunity to engage in a number of exceptional non-profit organizations in our area. Photos from the various service projects can be seen in the slideshow below.

Campus Kitchens, located on USG’s campus, is a community service organization created by the University of Maryland Easter Shore (UMES). Their organization prepares meals for numerous families in need. Our volunteers were able to help prepare meals for the community. A special thank you to John Brandt (Public Safety and Security), Andrea Milo (CSEFR), Alexa Brown (CSEFR), Katie Nguyen (CSEFR), Gloria Kalotra (CSEFR), and Campus Kitchens for your service.

Manna Food Center, located in Gaithersburg, fights to end hunger in Montgomery County through food distribution, education, and advocacy. Volunteers presorted foods at Manna’s distribution center. A special thank you to Nick Kozak (Facilities), Brian Woods (Facilities), Mike Badostain (Facilities), Brandon Mose (Facilities), Jessica Nardi (Administration), Erin Ward (Administration), Brigitte Bard (CAS), Chuck Carter (Facilities), Larry Isenburg (Facilities), Mary Gallagher (CAS), Lawrence Goldberg (Facilities), Annie Ahmed (CAS), Jane Briggs (Facilities), Tom Clifford (Advancement and Community Engagement), Julia Rader (CISC), Ilona Faulks (SAS), Kaitlin Mills (CAS), and Parisa Meisami (CAS) for your service.

Community Ministries of Rockville seeks to improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable of Montgomery County residents by providing housing, healthcare, homecare, education, and emergency assistance. Volunteers re-painted rooms in the Rockland House providing permanent supportive housing for women. A special thank you to Kari Mason (Administration), Erin Fernandez (Administration), and Taishan Gary (CES) for your service.

The USG Mobile Market, located on USG’s campus, promotes health and wellness through a partnership with the Capital Area Food Bank, by providing fresh vegetables, fruits, and other food items to the campus and local community, at no cost. A special thank you to Jana Goodwin (UMB Nursing), Karen Clark (UMB Nursing), Sharon Cannon (Copy Center), Sonia Sarangthem (OIT), Bilky Okoh (Business Office), Patti Wong (Business Office), Chhaya Lagowala (CES), Adam Binkley (CAS), Steven Thompson (CES), Paul Jackson (Facilities), Vsev Horodyskyj (OIT), Julia Rader (CIS), Ilona Faulks (SAS), and Justin Edgar (CRTA) for your service.

Thank you to all of those who served the community with us. Please look out for more opportunities in the Spring and Summer.

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Kari Mason is a student in the University of Baltimore’s Integrated Design graduate program and a Graduate Student Assistant for Administration and Talent Management.
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