Are you robot-proof? Guest Blogger: Tetyana Bezbabna, Assistant Director UMD Information Science


Tetyana Bezbabna, Assistant Director, UMD Information Science

In the 21st century, robots can mimic human intelligence and can do anything: interpreting medical images, scanning resumes, manufacturing automobiles, collecting data on people, and even building other robots! Robots do the same work as humans but much faster and with minimum mistakes. Therefore, many companies are replacing their human labor with machines to optimize their production and make it more cost-efficient. Numerous studies have shown that 40-50% of jobs done by humans today may be eliminated in the next two decades by robots and AI-powered machines.

Have you thought about a robot being able to do your job? Would it be more efficient and productive at it? Should you worry about the chance of an AI machine replacing you?  What skills you need to learn and master to make yourself robot-proof, making sure no robot is as successful as you are when performing your responsibilities. The University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) Bachelor of Science in Information Science (InfoSci) program offered at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) will help you answer those questions and gain the necessary skills and proper qualifications to differentiate yourself from AI-powered machines, securing your job and helping you advance professionally.

Data Visualization

Our academic program teaches students the skills from three following areas, making sure they are competitive in a current job market:

  • Creative thinking and continuous innovation — we teach our students to have a creative mindset and the mental elasticity to adopt, invent, discover, and create novel technology and information solutions valuable to organizations and our society as a whole.
  • Effective teamwork and strategic leadership — our students are taught to work in teams, motivate their team members, and lead their teams to success.
  • Human, data, and technology literacy — our students do not only know how to effectively work with computers, but also how to successfully work with people and use available data and information to make strategic decisions.

Group Brainstorming

InfoSci is a multidisciplinary program which combines knowledge from computer science, data and information science, management, and user experience. Therefore, whether you want to work with data to discover and visualize novel solutions to organizational problems or lead a team in designing, developing, or deploying an information system, an InfoSci degree from UMD will help you achieve your professional goals. In our courses, students learn a great variety of skills by undertaking different organizational roles including the role of a creative designer — responsible for building a system prototype, business analyst — responsible for gathering system’s business requirements and translating those into user stories, or developer — responsible for building the actual system based on communicated system requirements.

Contact us today at to discuss your professional interests, and the ways our program can help you work towards achieving those. Join us today to ensure your career in the future!


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