Guest Post: Ruqiyyah Muid, UMCP Communication student

Ruqiyyah Muid

Ruqiyyah Muid, University of Maryland, College Park at USG Communication student

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a club but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re shy or you’re not sure where your interests are yet.  It’s okay, that was me too at many points during all four years of college. My name is Ruqiyyah Muid, but I go by Kiyah, I’m a senior at the University of Maryland, College Park at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) majoring in Communication.  It took me three years to figure out what I was looking for socially from a student organization.  After figuring it all out, I discovered this awesome club called the Undergraduate Communication Association (UCA).

They say college is all about the experiences, the people you meet along the way and the endless opportunities that arise.  I remember my first week at USG, it seems like it was just yesterday, when I met Joshua Briggs and Jason Ramirez. It was during welcome week and all the different student organizations were tabling, there were many different clubs but the Undergraduate Communication Association sparked my interest the most. My initial interaction with the former President Joshua and Vice President Jason, was a very welcoming one.  Thinking back now, I was in search of a club that was more than just that; one that offered a sense of community, participating in community outreach and helping its members gain access to resources post-undergrad. I later learned that these are just some of the things the UCA works towards completing every semester.

It was a cold Thursday and I was contemplating whether or not I wanted to break out of my comfort zone and attend UCA’s meet and greet event.  I decided to go and at that moment I realized I had made the right choice in following my instincts. Everyone at the meeting was so welcoming and outgoing, we shared ideas and career goals with one another and most importantly, what we were looking to gain from the club.  I have already learned so much valuable information that will be useful to me in the short and long-term future. One of the most impactful events hosted by the UCA was the Networking Panel, where I had the pleasure of meeting established individuals who offered networking advice and tips on how to venture out into the workforce after college.

The UCA has been a support system and a learning tool where I have met many diverse college students with whom I share many similar interests. The UCA is really an organization filled with positivity and good vibes, I learned this even more when I became the Director of Marketing & Social Media this past Spring semester.  The executive board members’ passion for fellow student engagement and community outreach is unmatched, and I am honored to have the experience and ability to work alongside this team. With the start of Spring semester freshly upon us, I am excited to meet all the new and prospective UCA members and hope to see you all at the exciting events we have planned this semester. If you find yourself in search of a new rewarding experience, similar to me during my first week, then the UCA is right for you. #ucausg #jointhecommunity

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