Whenever you transfer, will you be ready?


By: Marcie Povitsky
Transfer Access Coordinator,
Center for Recruitment and Transfer Access

As someone who has been a part of the USG community practically since it opened (I transferred from MC way back in 2001 and have worked at this campus since I graduated with my undergraduate degree in 2004), I can attest that the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) campus culture has never wavered from its commitment to student success.  Did you know that this commitment extends to students before they arrive at the USG campus?

We know that community college students can experience a lot of stress when it comes to transferring. Not only are students narrowing down what they want to study, but many are probably asking:

  • Where do I want to transfer to?
  • Am I doing everything at my current school to be an ideal candidate for my future school?
  • Will I like it at my new school?
  • Will I fit in with the students/campus community?
  • What opportunities beyond the classroom will allow me to expand my skills?
  • Will my new school help me prepare for my future career?

USG is dedicated to helping all students answer these questions and navigate the transfer process!  One of the ways that we express that commitment is through special pre-transfer programming called “Transfer Access Programs,” or TAP.

Are you a current MC student and looking to transfer? The universities listed below have transfer programs for certain majors offered at USG:

  • University of Maryland, College Park (UMD)
    Biological Sciences, Communication, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Embedded Systems and Internet of Things, Information Science, Public Health Science, Robert H. Smith School of Business — Accounting, Marketing, Management
  • UMBC
    History, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Translational Life Science Technology
  • University of Baltimore (UB)
    Health Systems Management, Simulation & Game Design
  • University of Maryland, Eastern Shore (UMES)
    Construction Management Technology, Hospitality & Tourism Management

If yes, then you may be eligible to apply for a Transfer Access Program!  Participating in a TAP program will give you early access to USG services including:

  1. Individualized, pre-transfer advising with your intended major
    (to help ensure that you are meeting all of the academic transfer requirements!)
  2. Access to special workshops offered by our Center for Academic Success
    (to help you prepare for the increased academic demands of your upper-level courses!)
  3. Invitations to a majority of student life events at USG
    (to help get you acclimated to our campus culture!)
  4. Full access to our Career and Internship Services Center
    (to give you an edge on your career-readiness skills!)

Transfer Access students participate in opportunities that strengthen their confidence with the transfer application/admissions process and with the transition process.  Students who complete TAP are ready for academic and social life at USG from day one.

These programs are free of charge for participants, including the TAP application process and parking while attending TAP events.  Some TAP programs have additional benefits, such as guaranteed admission and transfer application fee waivers.

If you are interested in learning more attend our upcoming Undergraduate Expo, where you can apply for TAP on-site. You can also tour campus, meet current students, and speak with program representatives from ALL undergraduate programs (including those that participate in TAP). Even if you are not interested in a TAP program you can still attend the Undergraduate Expo to learn about other majors offered at USG.

If you have any questions about the information provided in this post, or there is any way that USG can help you be more successful in your transfer process, please email us at shadygrove@umd.edu.

Best of luck in your transfer endeavors!

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