Sign Up. Stand Out.

Shelby Speer                                    Rose Jackson-Speiser

Did you know that leadership is one of the top skills that employers seek when hiring candidates (NACE website)? Our names are Shelby Speer and Rose Jackson-Speiser, and we are the coordinators of the USGLeads Emerging and Expanding Leadership Programs. You may have heard about these unique opportunities to enhance your leadership portfolio, but have been hesitant to start. Here are a few reasons why you should “sign up and stand out”:

Argument 1: I just don’t have the time!
The programs are flexible and self-paced, and you can work on it until you graduate!

Argument 2: It’s not worth the effort.
In addition to learning some valuable new skills, you’ll receive: a great accomplishment to list on your resume/cover letter/to discuss with employers, a certificate of completion, a testimonial for your LinkedIn profile, a completion gift, and an invitation to the Student Engagement Awards. That seems like it’s worth the effort!

 Argument 3: I’m not a leader.
The first activity is watching three brief Ted Talks, where you’ll learn that leadership is not always what it seems!

 Argument 4: I won’t be able to do all of the activities I need to do before I graduate.
If you did any of them previously, as long as it was while you were a student at USG, then they count!

Argument 5: I’ll get around to it eventually.
Don’t wait until your work piles up: chip away at the requirements and you’ll be done before it you know it.

Argument 6: I don’t know how to get started!
Click here to learn more about the programs, and to apply.

We look forward to assisting you on your leadership journey!

USMLeads Program v2

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