The University of Baltimore is Unique. Just like You. Guest post by: Seth Marc Kamen, Assistant VP, Office of Admission


Seth Marc Kamen, University of Baltimore, Assistant VP, Office of Admission

I’ve spent most of my career in higher education working with adult learners and transfer students in Maryland. Over the course of nearly 20 years, I’ve been driven by a single goal: help students find their path and pursue their dreams. That’s why I work for the University of Baltimore (UB).

We’re different by design. UB doesn’t fit the traditional college mold, and that’s on purpose. We focus on transfer and graduate students who are seeking to advance their careers, improve their lives, or expand their knowledge.

You might even say we are as different as you are.

UB has been offering online courses and services since 1995, and we have transitioned to a fully virtual learning environment more quickly—and seamlessly—than most. Early on, we recognized the need to support our students by offering classes at times and locations that meet their individual needs. Many of our regional and national rankings support this effort.

At the Universities at Shady Grove (USG), we offer innovative and unique academic programs tailored to the regional job market, and offered with your schedule and life commitments in mind:

  • Our accelerated, weekend Health Management programs will help you launch or advance your career as a health-care manager.
  • The B.S. in Simulation and Game Design prepares you for employment at companies that focus on gaming, education, defense, and non-entertainment simulations.
  • The weekend M.A. in Integrated Design blends conceptual thinking, professional writing and graphic design to prepare you for a career in communications, design, publishing, or other visual arts fields.
  • Prepare to become an expert in investigating criminal activity involving computer and digital information systems, accounting and health-care fraud through our accelerated M.S. in Forensic Science–Cyber Investigations program.
  • Students interested in government or contracting will benefit from our online or weekend degrees in Public Administration (M.P.A. and D.P.A.).
  • Our Graduate Certificate in Government Financial Management focuses on financial reporting, government auditing and government contracting and budgeting, while qualifying you for the Certified Government Financial Manager and Certified Defense Financial Manager examinations.

UB ScholarshipA UB degree is affordable, since that matters to you. We offer merit-based scholarships for graduate students, and full- and part-time scholarships for transfer students. The Bob Parsons Scholarship Fund, in particular, awards full tuition and fees to eligible transfer students. These scholarships—in addition to regional tuition rates for graduate students–are reasons why Washington Monthly ranked UB a “Best Bang for the Buck” college.

UB is dedicated to your success, academically, professionally, and personally. Our online tutoring services will ensure you succeed in your classes. Our Career and Internship Center provides online workshops and career advising. Our Student Assistance Program provides you 24/7 access to emotional, mental, health and legal aid.

Discover how a UB degree can help you reach your career goals. Contact an admission representative to begin the application process.

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