Showing Solidarity for the LGBT+ Community

Shelby Speer, Graduate Services Coordinator

What does solidarity mean? According to GLSEN’s website, “Solidarity is a voluntary collective action by different people based on finding common objectives and solutions. Solidarity work happens when you show up to help and support others experiencing some form of harm by centering their leadership, decisions, needs, requests, and ideas.” A little solidarity certainly goes a long way!

Hi, my name is Shelby Speer, and I am the Graduate Student Services Coordinator in the Center for Student Engagement and Financial Resources at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). I am also the unofficial coordinator for LGBTQIA+ efforts at USG. For the past few years, USG has recognized the second week of October as USG Spirit Week, adapting the celebration that GLSEN has established for K-12 schools for our community. This year, GLSEN has evolved the program to Solidarity Week, and we have followed their example.

GLSEN wrote that “Solidarity work happens in many forms and on many different issues. The important part of understanding solidarity work, is that collective action is powerful in enacting change, in fact, solidarity can either be the biggest threat to oppression, or one of the biggest allies in upholding and reinforcing it. How you show up…or don’t, makes all the difference”. In today’s social and political climate, this is more important than ever.

USG is beginning the conversation by providing community members with resources, information, and statements of solidarity on CSEF’s Facebook page throughout the week of October 5-9. There you can learn more about the five LGBT+ focus days: Black and African-American, Disability Justice, Intersex, Native American and Indigenous Peoples, and Immigrants/First Generation Students. You are encouraged to take further steps to enact change in our community! Want to be a part planning LGBT-related events and activities at USG? Please send me an email!

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