Statement by USG Executive Director on Anti-Asian Hate Speech and Crimes

I know I speak for everyone within the Universities at Shady Grove community when I say the increase we have been seeing nationally in hate speech and violence directed toward Asian Americans is both concerning and deplorable. Anti-Asian hate and violence is not new, unfortunately, but there is no question that the recent trend, over the past year, is especially troubling.

As part of our USG mission statement, we also identify our core values, which include Diversity and Inclusion. It notes: “USG values diversity in all of its forms, fostering a climate grounded in respect, civility and inclusion. Along with its nine academic partners, USG strives to create an educational and social environment that affirms the dignity, value and uniqueness of each person. USG embraces its responsibility to provide a safe and respectful learning and work environment where diversity is celebrated, affirmed and vigorously pursued.”

We are firmly committed to ensuring that we live by these values each day, as educators and colleagues – especially when anyone within our community is in fear of being on the receiving end of hate crimes or hate speech.

Education plays such an important role in eradicating racism in any form. Our Center for Student Engagement and Financial Resources (CSEF) will be sharing a variety of helpful resources for students and others within the USG community through their diversity listserv. I would encourage members of the USG community to subscribe to the listserv here.

Anne Khademian, Ph.D.
Executive Director, USG, & Associate Vice Chancellor, University System of Maryland

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