Welcome to the Universities at Shady Grove!

Established in 2000, the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) offers select degree programs from nine public Maryland universities on one convenient campus in Montgomery County.

Students apply directly to the university offering their chosen major, and on the application, they simply select USG as their preferred campus location. The professors, curriculum, and degree are provided by the home university (it does not say USG on your diploma!), but students at the USG campus benefit from small class sizes, increased scholarship opportunities, and an array of customized on-site services and student life – leading to a more personalized, cost-effective, and time-saving path to degree completion.

USG’s innovative and pioneering partnership approach to higher education is designed to connect local college students to outstanding career opportunities, while providing regional employers with a highly educated, skilled workforce. Only the upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses are offered on the USG campus, fostering a supportive environment of students focused on completing their degrees and advancing their careers.

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