Guest Post: John Sackett, President Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center & Chair, USG Board of Advisors

JohnSackett high res

John Sackett

Those of you who have seen the Adventist HealthCare logo may have noticed these three words that appear along with it: “Care. Compassion. Community.” They are more than just a tagline.

As president of Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center, I get to witness each day the care and compassion that our physicians, nurses and employees show our patients. The dedication that I see from each of my team members throughout our organization excites and inspires me.

In addition to my work inside the hospital, I have the honor of representing Adventist HealthCare in the community. Our organization was one of the first in Montgomery County – we began serving the region in 1907. We know from experience that our community is healthiest and grows best when residents, academic institutions, government agencies and businesses all work as partners. This is why I relish serving as chairman of the Universities at Shady Grove’s Board of Advisors.

As a part of this outstanding academic center, I help facilitate collaboration between community leadership and academic leadership in developing curriculum that best prepares students for living both a knowledgeable and skilled life. The success of this effort not only benefits our students, but creates a workforce that will contribute to the economic and physical health of Montgomery County and the region for years to come. As a healthcare administrator, I witness a changing world first-hand.

It is an exciting time in medicine. In addition to providing quality care in hospitals, our providers are tasked with keeping the people

John and Stew

Dr. Edelstein, Dr. Congdon and John Sackett with students from Frontiers in Science & Medicine Day

of our community healthy. For Adventist HealthCare, this focus on prevention and wellness ties into our Adventist roots. In 1866, medical pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church laid the groundwork for what would become a revolutionary health program and the core of how hospitals today are looking at health. The Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan was created to help people achieve physical, mental and spiritual wholeness. It was a special place that went beyond merely treating diseases to promoting a life of good nutrition, exercise and hygiene.

Since opening its doors 108 years ago in Montgomery County, Adventist HealthCare has stayed true to that mission of providing whole person care. Today, we are leading the way in helping to close major healthcare gaps in the Washington, D.C. region through a number of population health initiatives. It is my hope that many of today’s students at USG will embrace this focus and join Adventist HealthCare in making this community a healthier place to live.

John Sackett in Nursing Lab

John Sackett helping students at Frontiers in Science & Medicine Day

I encourage you to take advantage of everything USG has to offer, both inside and outside the classroom, to prepare yourself for the exciting life’s work ahead of you. Together we will design the future of how to care for each other. Together we will serve society’s needs with compassion. Together we will reach excellence in all that we do and build a strong, vibrant and thriving community.

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