Guest Post: Mehir Uddin, Summer R.I.S.E. Intern at USG

Mehir Uddin

MCPS student Mehir Uddin

My name is Mehir Uddin and this is my story….

So I was spending the first week of summer doing what you would expect – eating, sleeping, and not much else. One day I was just perusing the internet when I got an email. I thought it was spam but on closer inspection it was forwarded by my counselor. It was about the Summer R.I.S.E. (Real Interesting Summer Experience) Worksource Program. The program is a locally funded initiative led by WorkSource Montgomery in collaboration with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) and other partners, that provides MCPS rising juniors and seniors with enriching summer career development experiences.

I thought it would be a great option for me. The program ran for 3 weeks. I was interested in learning new skills and understanding how a traditional business functions – as a bonus I would also feel less lazy. So I applied online and lo and behold 4 weeks later I got a follow up email telling me that I would be interning at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). I was placed in the Marketing and Communications department.

Summer RISE

MCPS Summer R.I.S.E. interns and their USG mentors

Together we decided to make a video about my internship experience here. The idea to create such a video arose when my mentors realized I had a high interest in YouTube. This brought on the idea of creating a YouTube style video to document my internship experience at USG. On my first day I received a tour around the campus, which allowed me to visualize where I wanted to film my video. USG had everything I needed to create my video. They even had a lab fully stocked with Macs and editing software. Everyone was very supportive and gave me every bit of help they could to make my project a success.

I also learned how USG works and about the great benefits of attending a program here. It is a very innovative way to save money on earning your college degree. Also, through working on my project and working on things I have not done before, I realized another
passion I would like to pursue in college. My internship has led me to realize I want to focus on Film as well.

I had fun this summer and look forward to interning again next year. Enjoy watching my video about my experience!

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