Open House is Approaching: All Hail the Red Polo!

Jen headshot 1

By: Jennifer Cohen Riehl

It seems like just yesterday I was writing my last blog post about the University at Shady Grove’s (USG) Fall Undergraduate Open House, but here we are again – less than a month from our Spring Open House, and I am privileged enough to have been asked to write another post about our April 7th event! While you’re still invited to my party, rather than write again about my personal enjoyment of hosting events, I instead want to focus on those who help me throw this tri-annual USG shindig, those without whom the Open House would fall flat, those who wear the almighty RED POLO!

That’s right; I’m talking about the wonderful group of students selected to serve as USG Student Ambassadors. USG Ambassadors help me, USG’s Senior Recruitment Coordinator, in promoting our campus to prospective students year-round, but their presence is perhaps most crucial surrounding Open House. The day before the event, they sign up to help with “prep,” which involves collating the event schedules and information fair maps, preparing easel signage that will be placed outside classrooms with information sessions, organizing the free tote bags that will be given to each guest, and blowing up LOTS of balloons to add to the festivity of the day!

Ambassadors Welcome

Ambassadors helping with Open House preparation

On the morning of Open House, the Ambassadors, sporting their signature red polos and black dress pants, arrive sharply at 7:00am to set up the tables which will soon host reps from each of USG’s undergraduate degree programs, prepare the computers which will check in the roughly 500 guests, set out the balloon bunches, and happily assist with any other task necessary to ensure the campus is ready for all our special visitors!

Finally, at around 8:00am, the attendees start arriving. Ambassadors are stationed between the Shady Grove Garage (where attendees can park for free!) and Building II (where check-in is located) to greet guests with a smile and guide them through campus. More red polos sit behind the check-in desk and at the on-site registration computers. Still others are at the ready for our “early-bird” tours at 8:30am, ensuring guests are returned to the ballroom for the official event welcome and USG overview at 9:00am. At 9:30am, they help to direct the attendees to Building III for the information fair, information sessions, application labs, academic advising, and class visits that comprise the rest of the event.

Ambassador Tour

A birds-eye view of a campus tour at Open House

Looking for a specific program or service table? An Ambassador will be there to guide you! Having trouble finding the classroom for the Financial Aid & Scholarship or Application Essay Writing session? No worries – red polos will be on each floor to help out! Still a little confused about how USG works? These USG warriors will be giving tours and manning the USG Info Table throughout the event to ensure you are able to see exactly why they love our campus. And love it, they do. So much, in fact, that they will willingly get up at the crack of dawn after a week of classes and homework in the name of sharing their beloved campus with you.

Ambassadors Tabling.jpg

Ambassadors manning the Event Info Table

Finally, after the last guest has left campus, the Ambassadors help clean up all the things they set up only a few hours earlier. They are tired, yes, but also fulfilled as they talk excitedly of all the prospective students with whom they connected and hopefully convinced to choose USG. But there is one last task before they head home to nap – assembling for the signature post-event group photo, wearing their mighty red polos and happily accomplished smiles:

All Ambassadors.jpg

Tired but happy Ambassadors after last fall’s Open House

Register now for USG’s Undergraduate Open House on Saturday, April 7th from 8:30am-12pm. The Ambassadors can’t wait to meet you!

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