Election is Over, But Issues Remain. Guest Post: Mariam Yaldram, UMBC History Student

Mariam Yaldram, UMBC History Student at USG

The 2020 Presidential Election is nearing its end and its journey has been important. I do not want to get too political and/or controversial, but wanted to share some noteworthy information.

In the campaign, both former Vice President Biden and President Trump had focused their issues on Covid-19, the economy, the environment, health care and racial unrest. Other issues that were unique to the 2020 election were impeachment, foreign interference, and the Supreme Court vacancy. Knowing each opponent’s platform was important because it reflected your values and core beliefs.

I gave my vote as it was my duty as a citizen of the United States to participate in this crucial election, but also it was important for me to vote because I am a first-generation immigrant who cares about these issues. This election has demonstrated many perspectives. For one thing, it gives insight to the issues that many people care about. It showcases how American citizens are willing to vote for the candidates and how it will impact their lives.

For example, the concern over Covid-19 is one that many people are worried about. How will the candidates address this issue and how will it be solved? Regardless of your political party affiliation, I think America needs to address these issues and come to an agreement on how to approach this challenge. Another issue that concerns America and citizens like me is the economy. Right now, the economy is not doing so well. We are in debt more than ever. Will the candidates fix this debt and will there be more employment since so many people lost their jobs due to Covid-19, including me?

Also, will the government continue the stimulant checks and how will raising taxes will impact someone like me? Let’s not forget about the environment. It is not looking good, especially for the younger generation who care and believe in climate change. Is there a balance to addressing the issue of climate change and industries who rely on carbon?

Our health care is also at risk, as millions of Americans depend on the Affordable Care Act. Is healthcare a right or should it be privatized? I want to know how it will affect my insurance because I rely on Medicaid.

Finally, the issue of race is problematic. How will racial disparities be approached and will the justice system be reformed? All these are a concern for many Americans.

I am not sure what the future holds. I hope that all the issues above are taken into consideration. This election was, indeed, a close one but we have so much work to do. I am pleased to know that my vote counted in this year’s election.    

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