College Can be a *Major* Decision. Guest Post: Jennifer Riehl from USG Recruitment

According to several nationwide studies, more than half of all undergraduate college students change their major at least once. This is understandable, as college is indeed a time for exploration and discovery. Students are trying out courses not previously available to them in high school. They are learning about fields they’d never considered, or in many cases, even heard of. Everyone is searching for that “aha” moment when it clicks that *this* is where their passion lies, that *this* is the field in which they want to start their career. But for some, it takes many “nope” moments to get there.

Maybe you know you want to be in the medical field but have recently discovered a fear of giving shots that causes you to change your mind about studying Nursing. Did you know you could study Public Health Science, Translational Life Science Technology, or Health Management instead, putting that medical know-how to use in a less-clinical setting?

Jennifer Riehl, Senior Recruitment Coordinator at USG

Perhaps you love technology, but are such a people-person that you fear getting stuck behind a screen all day? Did you know a degree in Information Science can lead you to roles as a front-facing Data Analyst, while a degree in Cybersecurity Management & Policy can quickly propel to you to team leader? What if your passion is actually using technology to build curriculum as an Elementary/Special Education major and future teacher?

Or maybe you’re extremely persuasive and always assumed a Marketing major would be your calling, but you’ve recently realized that the finance and accounting classes required as a business major are over your head? Did you know a major in Communication, Graphic Design, or Hospitality & Tourism Management can lead you to careers in marketing departments across several industries (no upper-level math required)?

I could give countless more examples of how it takes intentional exploration for many students to discover the major and related career options that truly call to them. Not knowing exactly what you want to study – or knowing but still being open to other options – is not only okay; it’s healthy! What’s not ideal is not being willing to invest in yourself enough to start on that path to discovery in the first place.

That’s where the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) can help!  Not only does our campus offer over 35 undergraduate degrees spanning several industries, but since all of the students are upper-level transfers, it’s inherent in our mission to provide prospective students with information to help them decide which bachelor’s degree program is indeed right for them – so they can finish their last two years as efficiently as possible.

To that end, I am super excited to announce that we are again hosting our virtual USG Pathways & Programs Week event series this March! Pathways & Programs Week is a chance for prospective undergrads to not only learn more about the USG campus, but also to hear from program representatives and current students from three respective “industry clusters.” Whether you already had your “aha” moment and are looking to learn more about admissions requirements for a particular major, or if, like many, you are still exploring, attending one or more of these events will most certainly provide you with a clearer understanding of your future academic options and the next steps you can take to get there. I look forward to meeting you then!

USG Pathways & Programs Week
March 8, 9, & 10; 5:30-7pm on Zoom

More information and registration

Session 1: Computing, Engineering, & Information Technology “Cluster”
Monday, March 8, 5:30-7:00pm

Session 2: Bioscience, Nursing, & Health “Cluster”
Tuesday, March 9, 5:30-7:00pm

Session 3: Business, Communication, Social Sciences, Design, & Education “Cluster”
Wednesday, March 10, 5:30-7:00pm

*To see a full list of featured majors for each session, please visit

Can’t make the event? Check out other upcoming virtual offerings and get more information on the USG campus by visiting

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