You’re Invited to an Open House!

We invite you to join us at our Open House October 15th from 3:30 to 6:30 where we will be showcasing our current design for the Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Education Facility (BSE) which is set to open in the Fall 2018!

Since our design charrette in August 2014, the architects from Lake Flato and Cooper Carry, have been hard at work understanding our needs, and designing the exterior and interior of the planned 220,000 sq. foot BSE building. We look forward to displaying the new designs and showing a video walk through of the plans, including interior room layouts, photos of furniture, flooring material samples, wall treatments and furniture coverings. In addition, we will display drawings of the garage currently under construction.

The BSE Facility will add distinction to the central location of campus through high-performance architecture while leaving a delicate environmental footprint. Highlights of the environmental considerations relating to the BSE include:

  • Multiple micro-bioretention facilities for water quality management and ground water recharge
  • A green roof with approximately 1,100 square feet of extensive area.
  • Rainwater Harvesting for reuse as “grey water” in irrigation and plumbing systems
  • Promotion of natural daylight supplemented by high efficiency LED lighting and lighting controls
  • Energy augmentation through the use of solar photovoltaic’s, domestic hot water, and geothermal wells

The BSE is designed as an environment for STEM learning that encourages collaborative learning between students and faculty from multiple disciplines, promotes innovative thinking, demonstrates science on display and leads in sustainable and innovative design.

The BSE is an important step in the growth of the campus because it brings the opportunity for our USM academic partners to offer STEM undergraduate programs at USG. This will allow multiple undergraduate programs in life sciences, engineering and computational studies, many of which are new degrees being brought into Montgomery County.

Join us on October 15th to learn more about the growth of the USG community.

Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Education (BSE) Facility Open House Invitation

Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Education (BSE) Facility Open House Invitation

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