USG Receives $80,000 Florence Nesh Charitable Trust Grant to Help Fund Scholarships

30535464113_7deae2ef8e_kThe Universities at Shady Grove (USG) has been awarded a $80,000 grant from the Florence Nesh Charitable Trust to support scholarships which helps deserving students majoring in healthcare fields to realize their academic and career goals.

This grant will help address the extraordinary financial challenges transfer students face. Since institutional tuition support often goes to incoming freshmen, transfer students must rely on federal grants or loans if scholarship support is not available. This cumulative burden endangers transfer students’ persistence in attaining a four-year degree, impacting the student, the workforce, and the larger community.

This grant will support scholarships of $2,500 – $3,000/ year for more than 30 academically deserving community college transfer students in healthcare majors. Additional funding will help lift students’ financial burden, allowing them to achieve their educational goals quickly, and remain in the region to address the growing demand for qualified healthcare workers.

“The single greatest barrier to students earning a baccalaureate degree is not lack of academic ability – it is lack of resources to finance their education. In healthcare majors, the financial burden is often magnified – the course work is increasingly challenging requiring substantial classroom study and clinical training commitments. This grant from the Florence Nesh Charitable Trust will help students complete their degree and graduate career-ready,” commented USG’s Executive Director, Dr. Stewart Edelstein.

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