USG Hosts its First Ally Week!

shelby photo 11-14-16

By: Shelby Speer

What is Ally Week?

In 2005, the Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) hosted the first LGBT Ally Week, which is when “LGBTQ K-12 students and LGBTQ educators lead the conversation on what they need from their allies in school.”1 Since that time, the efforts have expanded to colleges and universities to better promote student safety and well-being.

What Does LGBTQIA+ Stand For?

The acronym may differ slightly, but it generally means “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, asexual, and more.” Allies can have none, one, or more than one of these identities, as everyone has the capacity to be an ally!

What’s going on at USG?

We have a full program of events going on in support of Ally Week. The complete schedule is below. Be sure to check out the Information Tables Monday and Tuesday, the Free2B Meet and Mingle Wednesday and Thursday, and the launch of the USG Identity Quilt project on Friday. Most importantly, please register for the Ally 101 Training on Thursday: space is limited and lunch will be provided.

USG Pride Day 2018_7

What else can I do to be a better ally?

GLSEN recommends2:

  • Intervene when you hear anti-LGBTQ language or remarks.
  • Be conscious of your privilege and speak from your own experiences, rather than assuming the experiences of LGBTQ students and other marginalized folks.
  • Read our resource on being an ally to trans and gender nonconforming students.
  • Practice asking someone’s pronouns in a respectful way. Learn more by reading our pronoun resource.
  • Familiarize yourself with the rights of trans and gender nonconforming students in schools.
  • Review “6 Questions About Allyship Answered by LGBTQ Students

What resources are available to me at USG?

  • USG offers a single-use All-Gender Restroom located in Building III, 1st floor near the Priddy Library and the Student & Academic Services office.
  • Review the LGBTQIA+ Resources webpage for an extensive list of resources
  • Join the LGBTQIA+ Listserv to be kept “in the know” about future LGBTQIA+ events and initiatives

We look forward to seeing you at Ally Week! For more information, please email Shelby Speer.


1“Ally Week” GLSEN,
2 “Action for Allies” GLSEN,

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