Students & Alumni: The Priddy Library is Here to Help You! Guest Post: Franklin Ofsthun, Library Services Specialist


Franklin Ofsthun

Congratulations grads! As you transition between your life as a student and your life as a graduate, you will be saying many goodbyes. There will be some relieving goodbyes–goodbye to cramming for exams, agonizing over papers, and organizing group projects. There will be more difficult goodbyes as well–to good professors, to helpful staff, and to friendships forged through challenging classes. You are facing big changes in your day to day activities and lifestyle, but the end of your coursework does not have to be the end of your relationship with Priddy Library!

The utility of a library extends beyond the close of gradebooks. We hope that you continue to feel welcomed here as you journey into the professional world. Consider the following resources that will still be available after you walk off stage with your diploma in hand:

  • Use our space. Priddy Library is open to the public. You are always welcome to come and spend time here during our open hours.
  • Browse our collection. All of our print collection is available for public browsing. Feel free to browse our stacks and read any books you find in-house.
  • Scan and send digital copies. Use our Bookeye scanner on any of our books or your own documents free of charge.
  • Use our desktop computers. Show any photo ID to the student at the service desk and receive a temporary guest login to access our computers and all the resources available on them.
  • Access specialized computer programs. Your guest login will allow you to use all the programs on our dual-monitor col-lab computers including ArcGIS, Microsoft Visual C++, SPSS, Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, etc), and Adobe Suite products (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)
  • Print. If you still have money left on your student account, you will be able to transfer any leftover money to a new guest printing account with help from OIT.
  • Attend workshops & events. Everyone in the USG community is welcome to attend our informational workshops on subjects such as Zotero, Research Posters, PowerPoint presentations, and Microsoft Excel. To learn about upcoming events each semester, feel free to like or follow Priddy Library on one of our various social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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