USG Undergraduate Expo: In Their Own Words


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By: Jennifer Cohen Riehl, USG Senior Recruitment Coordinator

Another academic year means another prospective student open house event at USG! This time it’s our Undergraduate Expo, being held on Saturday, November 2, from 9am-12pm right here at USG. Each semester, I am asked to write a blog post sharing this event with prospective students and letting them know why it’s beneficial to attend. In the past, I’ve professed my love of event planning and invited you to “my party”; I’ve outlined the day’s schedule via the important roles the USG Student Ambassadors play at the event; and I’ve shared with you some common myths about USG and encouraged you to learn more by visiting. But it dawned on me that these were always in my own words – and while I promise I genuinely believe everything I’ve written, I think it’s time you heard from others – both those who’ve attended the event in the past and those who offer their services at the event to benefit you. So read on to see what students, staff, and program advisors at USG have to say about our Undergraduate Expo and why they think you should attend:

“The Undergraduate Expo brought awareness to a campus I was completely unaware existed! It helped me realize that the university I wanted to attend was as accessible, affordable, and rigorous as any institution in the state. When I was in and out of universities and lacking direction, the advisors at Shady Grove were able to ease my anxieties and help me on a path forward toward a psychology program that I loved.” –Nadeem Assefi, UMBC at USG Psychology ‘20


Attending the USG Expo is a MUST!!!  This is a great opportunity to find out various services that are available to students at the USG campus, especially financial literacy & scholarship resources.  USG is fortunate to offer scholarships exclusively to students attending courses and programs on-site!  Scholarships range from several hundred dollars to some that cover full-time tuition and fees. Students should learn about the process before they attend so they are in the best position to apply!”
–Gloria Kalotra, Assistant Director, USG Center for Student Engagement & Financial Resources


“I attended the Undergraduate Expo at the Universities at Shady Grove multiple times before I transferred from Montgomery College. Talking to Program Directors about various majors helped me discover that the Communication Program was perfect for me. At the Expo, I learned about the Communication courses and had the opportunity to talk to Student Ambassadors that were already part of the program. Now that I am a Student Ambassador, I have had the opportunity to share my wonderful experiences at USG with potential students and show them around the incredible campus. I highly recommend that every potential student attend the Undergraduate Expo!”
–Zoey Senzel, UMCP at USG Communication ’19 & USG Student Ambassador


“Prospective nursing students should always attend an information session presented by an admissions counselor specific to the School of Nursing to find out what they need to do to be admitted. Attending an information session at USG has the additional advantage of being able to walk around our beautiful campus and take a guided tour to be exposed to the wonderful resources we have here.  It’s a very good use of time.” –Kathie Dever, Program Manager, University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) School of Nursing at USG


“The USG Center for Academic Success has always enjoyed having a presence at the USG open houses. Not only does this give us an opportunity to meet future students, we can share strategies for writing the perfect application essay so that students can get into the program that will help them reach their professional goals. 

“I’ve personally been energized by working with potential students from all backgrounds in helping them find the best way to tell their unique stories in a way that shows what they have to offer to their campus community. We don’t typically offer this workshop at any other time of the year, so I would definitely take advantage and visit CAS at the Undergraduate Expo!”

–Adam Binkley, Senior Coordinator, USG Center for Academic Success


“It is very helpful for those who are unfamiliar with our location to come check it out for themselves and see how beautiful the campus is, and how conducive to studying it is. We find it especially helpful for prospective students to be able to hear from our current students about their admission experiences, as well as their thoughts on our program here at Shady Grove. And it’s nice to be able to meet with students and their families who are familiar with USG, but were not aware that our program was available to them at this location. The information session we offer covers basic admission information as well as input from current students.  I am certain the Q&A session is helpful for all in attendance to get additional/detailed information or insight on special cases.”
–Aki Noguchi Giron, Academic Advisor, Smith School of Business at USG


“I have had the privilege of watching the USG Open House grow from humble beginnings to the signature event that it is today.  From my time as a prospective student where I had my first glimpse at this campus that I would call home for almost 20 years, to my years working for Towson University at USG, where our application lab really set the stage for the coming year, to these last three years as Transfer Access Coordinator, the Open House (or Undergraduate Expo, as it is now called) has always been an event about exploration, learning, and hope.”

“In one day, students can learn about all of the amazing academic and extra-curricular opportunities available to them (sometimes even before they transfer!). In that same day, students can begin to understand, feel, and connect with our campus and our culture of collaboration and our dedication to student success. Often, that day also brings the joyous realization that transferring is not only possible but attainable and affordable!  As our campus continues to grow, I am glad that the Undergraduate Expo remains as a “one-stop-shop” for prospective students!”  

-Marcie Povitsky, Towson at USG Elementary & Special Education ’04; former Towson at USG Site Coordinator; and current USG Transfer Access Programs Coordinator


Check out a full schedule of events, including the sessions mentioned above, and register for the Undergraduate Expo to experience the hype for yourself. And maybe next year, you will be the one telling others why they, too, must attend – in your own words of course.


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